Layers / Schichten

Layers / Schichten

Sound Installation In Landesplattenberg Engi caves Glarus

Samstag, 3. September 2022
2022-09-03 12:00:00 2022-09-03 20:00:00 Europe/Zurich Layers / Schichten Sound Installation In Landesplattenberg Engi caves Glarus Landesplattenberg Engi caves Glarus
Türöffnung 12:00
Beginn 12:00
Ende 20:00
Landesplattenberg Engi caves Glarus
Sernftalstrasse 109
8765 Engi
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Sound Installation In Landesplattenberg Engi caves Glarus

Musical composition: Belia Winnewisser, Goffbaby, Noria Lilt & Till Hillbrecht

Scenography: Thomas Giger


The Landesplattenberg is a former slate mine near the village of Engi (Glarus). The mine was first mentioned in a document in 1565 and was in operation until 1961. Nowadays, guided tours are offered, however a comprehensive artistic presentation of this vast mine has not yet taken place.

Through the interplay between sound, the natural environment of the mountain's core and the scenography created by Thomas Giger, the visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy this unique experience. Featuring four new works commissioned and composed especially for the Landesplattenberg by the artists Belia Winnewisser, Goffbaby, Noria Lilt and Till Hillbrecht. 

Their compositions are based on the Glarus Zither. The traditional Glarus instrument, which is still played exclusively by women, and have no standardized string tuning. The instruments started to be built by female players themselves in the early 19th century. Thus the different zither groups each have their own instrument tunings.

For "Schichten/Layers" each of the four composers also develops their own tuning: each one of them creates a new piece of about 20 minutes in tuning of their own choice - all tones together form a four-part harmony.  The composers are free in the musical realization of the pitch: their works must be limited to only one pitch, which they determine themselves. The four-part harmony is layered individually: Composer A defines a tone; this is passed on to composer B, who layers a tone on top of it. This tone is passed on to composer C, and so on.  In this way, the four composers build their own zither. The music plays simultaneously in loops at specific locations on the Landesplattenberg. Once the sound undulations are released, they put the mountain under an enchantment that will add layers to this magical place that were once removed by hard manual labor.

Important information: 

" Layers / Schichten " is an audiovisual installation in the Landesplattenberg.
The audience is free to walk through the installation. The walk is not guided, each person walks through it at the pace their own. 
Outside, the Landesplattenberg team will offer grilled food and drinks (with vegan options) for sale for the visitors.
We recommend to bring warm clothes. The constant temperature is constantly 11 degrees Celcius.                                                                                             The mountain has no day nor night, no summer nor winter.  

How to get there:​

By public transport, there is a bus stop in front of the start of the trail.
Then walk 10 minutes of (uphill) to find the entrance of the cave where you will find a picnic area, toilets and a bar.


Belia Winnewisser, Goffbaby, Noria Lilt, Till Hillbrecht

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