where mermaids drown & Wander

where mermaids drown & Wander

bergmal presents:

Dienstag, 9. Mai 2023
2023-05-09 19:30:00 2023-05-09 22:30:00 Europe/Zurich where mermaids drown & Wander bergmal presents: Dynamo Werk 21
Türöffnung 19:00
Beginn 19:30
Ende 22:30
Dynamo Werk 21
Wasserwerkstrasse 21
8006 Zürich
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bergmal presents:

where mermaids drown

With "And The Raging Wind Do Blow" (2020) where mermaids drown has quietly made their nest in the family tree of French post-rock. Noticed at the opening of the prestigious Dunk! Festival in Belgium, the quartet from Lyon is about to cross the threshold of their debut album with honours. Reminisce stands at the collision point between saturated and cinematic music, in the wake of illustrious peers like Bruit ≤ or Lost in Kiev.

where mermaids drown has certainly found the sound on this first full-length. Six instrumental pieces that presents beautiful confrontations of haunting melodies and ethereal atmospheres. Thanks to striking crescendos, these evolve towards the purest vigour, allowing the riffs to bravely take the floor! More than dreamlike, this clever mix borders on a fully assumed romanticism.

Without claiming the sacroscanct label of concept album, Reminisce tries to transpose in music the idea that any love relationship, however painful, deserves to be lived.



Wander is an all Filipino-American instrumental post-rock band based in San Francisco Bay Area. Formed by brothers Ryan and Christian Francisco, Joseph Aguda, and Bernard Barcela, Their style flows seamlessly from serene to bombastic, from quiet contemplative stillness to angry, cathartic blasts of reverb-drenched, distortion-filled bliss. 


where mermaids drown, Wander

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