Double Feature: Masterclass / Extra Creature (in English)

Double Feature: Masterclass / Extra Creature (in English)


samedi, 25. avril 2020
2020-04-25 18:45:00 2020-04-25 19:45:00 Europe/Zurich Double Feature: Masterclass / Extra Creature (in English) . KUZ, Lehrsaal (OG)
Ouverture des portes 18:30
Début 18:45
Fin 19:45
KUZ, Lehrsaal (OG)
Dagobertstraße 20B
55116 Mainz
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This double feature is in English

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First half: Masterclass

What happens if you lock ten brilliant, professional improvisers, masters of the art form, in one room? What if they did not know each other? What happens if you let them play together for four days in a row? What if you added one of the best trainers in the world to the equation? What if you gave these people a show slot at a festival to do whatever they want, to experiment, to freestyle, to test their limits? What would that show look like?

We will all find out in “Mastercass”.


Second half: Extra Creature

The puppet based improv comedy show from Honolulu!

Two veteran improvisers, Matthew Miller and Aaron Pughes, will give you a colourful ride through the world of puppetry. A movie of the audience’s choice inspires the show. The duo will provide everything an exotic adventure on stage needs: Shadow suits, absurd dialogues, action sequences and of course - puppets!


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