Dust of Soul New Year's Concert at Hotel Seeburg Luzern

Dust of Soul New Year's Concert at Hotel Seeburg Luzern

Sunday, 2. February 2020
2020-02-02 15:00:00 2020-02-02 17:00:00 Europe/Zurich Dust of Soul New Year's Concert at Hotel Seeburg Luzern
Doors open 14:30
Begin 15:00
End 17:00
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“Dust of Soul aim to give people strength to find their own way. Some listeners may therefore call their music “motivational music”. No matter how it is called, the music is positive, powerful, inspiring, and touches the audience. What kind of music genre they are doing, Dust of Soul did not know for a long time. Not until a fan gave the right feedback: Opera Pop.
Modern music, but performed with a strong, multi-faceted voice.

This year, Dust of Soul has released a new album, but they prefer to perform live. The duo has begun to improvise their first song out of the mood of the audience. Frantic, exhausted, charged – Dusty and MiKey pick up these emotions, spontaneously turn them into music, bringing the audience into the here and now of the concert. This “Music Souling” is well received, even tears some and has become a trademark of Dust of Soul.

Spontaneously responding to their listeners is an example of how Dust of Soul’s music introduces and implements: self-written, self-composed, with content that has meaning – for yourself and for the audience.” — Swiss newspaper «Neue Fricktaler Zeitung», 03.12.2019

Experience Dust of Soul at the beginning of 2020 live in a New Year’s Concert in Lucerne in the panorama hall of the Hotel Seeburg in Lucerne.


Dust of Soul, Omar Diadji, Roberto Carrasco, Bollywood Lotus Dancers

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