Cabaret Bizarre

Cabaret Bizarre

Cabaret Bizarre - The Emperor

samedi, 27. octobre 2018
2018-10-27 21:30:00 2018-10-28 04:00:00 Europe/Zurich Cabaret Bizarre Cabaret Bizarre - The Emperor Sud Basel
Ouverture des portes 21:30
Début 21:30
Fin dim. 28.10.2018, 04:00
Sud Basel
Burgweg 7
4057 Basel
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Cabaret Bizarre - The Emperor


Characterized by freedom of expression, sexuality and fantasy, Cabaret Bizarre was originally inspired by Federico Fellini and Bertolt Brecht to create an old-fashioned carnival, an erotic wonderland, a dark dreamland where amazing personal adventures are made possible.

Cabaret Bizarre rediscovers the 1920’s Weimar Cabaret and mixes into its essence elements from the circus and vaudeville tradition, the recently rediscovered burlesque era, as well as influences from the BDSM / Fetish, and Steam-/Dieselpunk scenes – a truly timeless cocktail with a very bizarre edge, served only by the most influential, talented and advantgardistic performers globally.

On stage:

Frank Sanazi (London)
The ultimate master of ceremonies... he’ll bring a nation to its knees but an audience to the very edge of ecstasy.

Vendetta Vain (Edinburgh)
Vanity meets insanity as levity battles gravity. Your hearts will be in your mouths as your jaws hit the floor.

Chris Lynam (London)
There is no great genius without a touch of madness. If measured by his madness, his genius knows no bounds.

Mish Madish (Zurich)
Behind every man lies a great woman... behold our Empress, primed to undress and impress.

Chris Oh! (Auckland, New Zealand)
When night falls another empire springs to life whose master demands the ultimate sacrifice.

Glü Wür (Barcelona)
The body politic is bound together by a kinetic sculptress whose knots are not to be messed with.

Divine Putain (Strasbourg)
In the underbelly of the empire a noble savage crawls through the darkest corners of his twisted mind.

DJane Miss B-havin' (Dark Diamonds)
Blake (Noir Bizarre)
DJ Lord Nevermore (Freaks Syndicate)
Fabrice Noir (Noir Bizarre)

For further information:

Doors: 21:30 h
Shows will start at 23:00 h

Presale: 39 CHF (+ presale fee)
At the door: 45 CHF

Explore your imagination and challenge reality.
Use the power of divination to choose your transformation.
Pick your card! The Emperor, The Empress, The World, The Judge, Strength, Bateleur, High Priestess, Pope, Hierophant, Charity, Justice, Hermit, Wheel of Fortune, The Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, The Fool, Maison Dieu, Star, Moon, Sun, World,… MAGICK !!!
and then...dark cabaret, occultist, aleister crowley, rubber, fetish, clowns, weimar berlin, the golden age, venus in furs, boudoir, gothic, weird dreams, militia, black magic, 1920's, 1930's, fate….

General rules:
Full Fantasy Costumes Only! No Cheesy & Cheap Fancy Dresses! Absolutely NO street wear! No Sneakers!

The decision at the door is final! No exceptions!

Enforced dress code: the management reserves the right to refuse entry!



Frank Sanazi (London) Vendetta Vain (Edinburgh) Chris Lynam (London) Mish Madish (Zurich) Chris Oh! (Auckland, New Zealand) Glü Wür (Barcelona) Divine Putain (Strasbourg)

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