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The contents of this data protection declaration apply to ticket purchasers  as well as event organizers.

1. Collection and processing of personal data

  may access ticket shop offers without having to provide any personal data.  Personal data is only collected when users provide such information themselves  (e.g. when using our website services, i.e. for ticket purchases or for event registration). Otherwise, there is no collection of personal data.

In order to provide, operate and further develop services, TICKETINO AG requires certain user data. TICKETINO AG collects, processes and uses direct customer, end user and other user personal data as much as necessary in order to draw up and fulfil the contract, execute any changes to the contract (inventory data), as well as for accessing services (usage data) wherever deemed necessary, or in order to bill for the use of services (billing data).

Information received related to ticket purchases is utilised in order to send users the TICKETINO Newsletter, and to provide them with information regarding events of the same or similar nature for which they originally purchased tickets
  (unless otherwise declined by the user).

2. Deletion of data

Users can retrieve and change data that has been saved in order to use TICKETINO AG by accessing their user account at any time. Should a user wish to delete their entire data, TICKETINTO AG would need to be informed respectively.

NB : Under certain circumstances, specific personal data may only be deleted after a specific period of time due to legal or contractual storage regulations. In such cases, all respective data is blocked until such time as it can be deleted.

3. Data security

TICKETINO AG certifies that event and end-user customer data is securely transmitted (SSL encoding) and stored with password protection on the server in the data center.

Only authorised persons with the appropriate identification have access to the data center. The TICKETINO AG
  server is located in the secure premises of the Interxion Data Center in Glattbrugg. Further information available on:

Data is professionally stored in the data center and our specialists there regularly carry out data-saving processing . Data is protected against third-party access. Furthermore, the Interxion Data Center features active fire protection and an emergency power system.

TICKETINO AG thus observes all relevant legal data protection regulations (German data protection laws, European data protection guidelines, and any other applicable data protection laws), in particular with respect to the transferring of data to third parties.

4. Confidentiality

TICKETINO AG ensures that event organizer and end-user data is not passed on to third parties and is not used for commercial purposes. TICKETINO AG certifies that its own employees handle all respective data faithfully and within the framework of commercial confidentiality. All employees have employment contracts in accordance with prevailing law.

Data is neither used for own purposes nor for any other third-party means.

Zurich, 30.11.2011

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