Open leadershipdays 2024 - Practitioner Forum

Open leadershipdays 2024 - Practitioner Forum

embodying values-driven leadership

Sonntag, 3. November 2024 - Montag, 4. November 2024
2024-11-03 16:00:00 2024-11-04 16:00:00 Europe/Zurich Open leadershipdays 2024 - Practitioner Forum embodying values-driven leadership smartvillage Bogenhausen
Türöffnung 15:30
Beginn 16:00
Ende Mo 04.11.2024, 16:00
smartvillage Bogenhausen
Rosenkavalierplatz 13
81925 Munich
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Sunday afternoon can be booked independently as a sneak peek.

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Wir kommen wieder zusammen um neue Wege des Führens zu praktizieren. lovecom hält den Rahmen und führt durch den Tag. Das Navigations System der 7 Levels begleitet und vertieft unser Bestreben. Die Forums-Teilnehmenden erfahren eine Plattform, wo gemeinsames Lernen on the spot möglich wird und prägen die Inhalte, die wir in der Tiefe beleuchten und im veränderten Kontext integrieren werden. Leichte Leadership Bodywork wird sicherlich Bestandteil sein ;) Die gemeinsame Bearbeitung dieser Themen wird Dich in der Integration unterstützen, und Deine herausfordernden Aufgaben in ein lebendiges Feld von mehr Leichtigkeit und Verbindung stellen.

We are again coming together to explore new ways of leadership practice. lovecom is holding this space and is leading through the day. The navigations system of the 7 Levels supports and deepens our ambition. The participants will be experiencing a platform where connected learning becomes possible on the spot. You will mutually shape the topics, that we will examine in depth and integrate into a shiftet context. Of course light leadership body work will be part of it ;) This way you will be supported in natural integration of new learnings. And your challenges and your responsibility will be placed within an actualized level of ease and connection.

Forum languages: Deutsch & English

Na ? Excitement arising ? 😊 🌿

Participant voices from 2023 in Zurich

“Thank you all for making this a special and one-of-a-kind experience. Connecting to some new leaders and (re)connecting with known ones. It did fill me with glimmers from beginning to end and I learned a lot with and from all of you.” - Founder, Cybersecurity

"I loved especially the openness of all the participants and I felt, that you Monika and Barbara offered a wonderful space for being together,  learning,  sharing and  feeling each other. Thank you so much. I feel very inspired of the topic." - Transformation Facilitator

"Great view, gute Aussichten or the prospect of a leadership concept rooted in connection and collaboration. The prospect of leaders that are actually DOING their inner work." - Head Corporate Training

Time Schedule 2024

Sunday, November 3

16.00 Forum Opening Day 1

  • Impulse Speech : How to systematically anchor individual learnings and leadership insights?
  • Collecting Voices

18.00 End of Day 1

Monday, November 4

10.00 Forum Opening Day 2
Immersion & Exploration & Embodiment

  • Leadership Lab
  • Practical Integration 

16.00 Forum Closure 

Informal Connecting Space


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 7 levels? - The 7 levels model of consciousness is our navigation tool for value-based leadership. Originally developed by Richard Barrett as an extension to the Maslow's Pyramid of Needs, it is the backbone for our top team effectiveness journeys, enabling strategic alignment of culture and business. Each level is associated with a particular function. Being aware of how my own individual values as a leader are distributed across the spectrum, allows me to connect with the wider cultural context of my organization. On an individual level, it is the entry point for my own conscious growth. 

Who is ‘speaking’? Since this is no traditional conference but a facilitated training space, there will be a group of lead facilitators from within and around lovecom holding the space. The impulse speach on Sunday evening will be delivered by our CEO, Monika Gutscher. 

Does the price include the overnight stay? No, the price does not include your overnight stay. A list of hotel recommendations in foot distance will be published if needed.

In need of anything else? - Drop us an email 

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