Gin Lab Voucher

Gin Lab Voucher

The Gin Lab Voucher - your entry into the world of the juniper spirit and your first step towars your very own gin.

Turicum Distillery
Albisriederstrasse 253
8047 Zürich (Albisrieden)
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With this voucher you can pick your preferred date. English gin labs available.

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With this voucher you can choose your preferred date for the Turicum Gin Lab. Just enter the code on your ticket at your favourite date and there's nothing stopping you anymore from your very own gin.

The Turicum Gin Lab

Dive into the world of Turicum Gin and create your very own bottle of gin. Be an alchemist and mix the perfect drinking experience with our guide. 

During this 3-hour workshop you’ll be able to taste, smell and touch through 50 different flavours. Create your own gin and take it home on the same day including an awesome gin & tonic box.

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