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General Information

TICKETINO is a self-service ticketing platform for organizers of all kinds of events. The organizer himself determines the details of the advance sale. For example, he determines the available means of payment and box offices individually. This may lead to deviations from the procedures and possibilities described below.

TICKETINO offers a whole range of effective advertising measures to give an additional boost to advance sales. All the possibilities are listed in the "Marketing" menu. The marketing team will be happy to advise you and provide further information.
In the TICKETINO cockpit under the menu "Marketing" there are different templates available which you can use for your advertising or a link on your website.
At various events it has shown: Promotions with Promotion Codes can have a positive effect on ticket sales. With this guide we want to share some valuable tips from other organizers. But first: What are Promotion Codes?

With the Promotion Code function, the organizer can create a random or self-selected number/letter code. Such a voucher code allows, for example, discounts, free admissions or the purchase of non-publicly available ticket categories. Our solution has proven itself in practice in the following scenarios:

Marketing support:
With a limited code, a promotional discount can be granted through various channels (newspaper advertisement, flyer, Social Media).

Exhibitor codes:
Exhibitors of trade fairs receive a code to invite their employees (free of charge) to the event or to allow their customers free entry. The organizer can subsequently settle accounts with the exhibitor exactly according to orders or admissions.

VIP service:
For some groups of visitors, such as sponsors, members or residents, such a code can enable reduced or free admission.
To do so, log in to the cockpit and click on the "Promotion Codes" function under "Events". Here the respective settings are stored. Before you create a code, ask yourself the following questions:

What should be made possible with the code: Reduction to one ticket category or the whole order? Reduction for one event or several? Display a free entry or an otherwise not bookable ticket category?

How many?
How many tickets can you get discount/free of charge, per order and in total with the promotion? And not to forget: Is only one general code needed or several different codes?

Multiple use?
It is also decisive whether the code can be used several times or only once.

Once you have thought about these points, you can create the codes on your own. If you need support, we are at your disposal.

Once the codes have been created, an Excel file containing all the codes can be downloaded. The same file can be used during the pre-sale or after the event as an overview of the codes redeemed (if a code is used, the details of the corresponding order will also appear in the table).
This is even possible in two ways:

Ticket list
In the menu "Event evaluation" download the ticket list with all details. In the column "Promotion" you can see the code group. Here you can see who has registered and who has used a code.

Promotion code download
In the menu "Events" -> "Promotion Code" the total export of the codes can be downloaded. Here you can see which codes have been entered and which have not yet been entered. But the orders without codes are not visible.
Facebook has become one of the most important tools for many organizers to market their events. Potential visitors can be addressed on a personal level via the social network and see immediately which friends are attending the event. For a successful event, it is therefore advisable to also integrate your ticket sales in a highly visible way on Facebook.

TICKETINO provides a Facebook ticket shop for your own fan page. In the menu "Marketing" you can find instructions for the setup.
Nowadays, the event's website is the first point of contact for its customers. Here, visitors can obtain important information such as match dates, program and admission prices.

In order for the customer to make use of the pre-sale service, it is essential to draw attention to the possibilities of pre-sale at this point. The following sales channels are automatically activated by default:

  • Online sales
  • Ticket-Hotline
  • Points of Sale

Make the visitors aware of these possibilities. Here is our suggestion (just copy and paste it on your website):

  • Online sales at ticketino.com - the cheapest and fastest way
  • Ticket hotline on 0900 441 441 (CHF 1.-/min., fixed network tariff) - 24/7 telephone order
  • Ticket agencies - pay in cash at about 1000 points of sale (post office, BLS, ...)

It is extremely important in pre-sales that the website of the event or of the organizer advertises the ticket sales correctly and clearly visible.

In addition to mentioning the ticket hotline and listing some points of sale, the reference to the possibility of Internet ordering plays a decisive role.

TICKETINO offers three methods to promote online presales:
  • Integration via direct link
  • Integration via button
  • Integration via Iframe

The minimum is an integration via classic link. For this purpose, a simple text block (link) is generated in the TICKETINO Cockpit under "Events" -> "Generate Event Links" and copied into a contribution within your own website.

Important: Generate the link in this way and do not copy the URL from the address bar of your browser, as this may cause malfunctions.
Under "Events" -> "Generate Event Links" links can be generated for a single event, an event group, or to all events of the organizer.

With the customizable iframe of TICKETINO it is very easy to integrate ticket sales completely into your own web presence.

Ticket buyers stay on your website and only marginally get to know about TICKETINO.
With TICKETINO, admission control can be performed in a variety of ways. The choice of the best method depends on several factors; for example, the number of tickets sold or the local conditions play an important role. In principle, the online ticket control offers the organizer the most added value and is also the easiest option. If no reliable Internet access is available, ticket control can also be carried out offline.

Online methods:
-Ticket control with ScanApp
-Ticket control with PC client
-Ticket control with browser-client
-Ticket control with mobile scanner

Offline methods:
-Ticket control with Excel list
-Ticket control with PC client
-Ticket control with mobile scanner

The individual methods in detail

Ticket control with ScanApp:
The easiest way to check the validity of tickets is directly on your own mobile device with the free TICKETINO ScanApp. This method is ideal for small and medium-sized events with a volume of up to 1,000 tickets sold. In principle, however, much larger events can also be handled with the intuitively operated app, since thanks to the password-free login, several devices can easily be used in parallel to check the tickets. In contrast to conventional barcode scanners, the use of ScanApp has decisive advantages. Since ticket control can be carried out with the company's own devices, there is no need to make reservations or send professional admission control devices, which can be costly in some cases. Furthermore, the staff does not usually need to be trained in the use of the smartphone or tablet, as the app is largely self-explanatory.

Ticket control with Excel list:
With the help of a comprehensive Excel list, the tickets that have been entered can are easily be marked. This is the technically simplest variant, as there is no need for installation or instruction. All you have to do is download and print the ticket list in the TICKETINO Cockpit (Statistics).

Ticket control with PC client:
TICKETINO developed a complete check-in software for operation on Windows systems. This software can check tickets as well as book cash register tickets and print name tags. A big advantage is that all mentioned functions are also available in offline mode. The TICKETINO PC client can be downloaded free of charge from the TICKETINO Cockpit and set up for the event.

Ticket control with browser-client:
The more convenient alternative to the PC software is the browser scan. This eliminates the installation effort: Simply log in to the cockpit, select the event and validate the tickets with or without a barcode scanner. This option can also be used by Mac OS users, but requires a stable internet connection.

Ticket control with mobile scanner:
The mobile scanners can be used both online and offline. The devices are easy to operate for the entrance personnel, but the functions are limited to simple admission control. Every Smartphone/Tablet (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile) can be converted to an admission scanner by installing the corresponding app (see ScanApp). For events with 1000 persons or more, we consider professional devices to be useful.
Here are the download links of the respective platforms:

Apple iOS
Yes, mobile tickets on smartphones can usually be scanned with the ScanApp without any problems.
Here is a step-by-step guide on how best to prepare for the entrance control and box office:

1) define the end of pre-sale
Determine the end of the presale and activate the message that should appear after the end of the presale. (Presale has ended, tickets available at the box office).

Expert tip: Set the end of the presale as late as possible, as experience has shown that many orders arrive at short notice!

2) Statistics
Get an overview of all ticket sales so you know how many tickets are still available for sale at the event and how staff can be informed. You can also see the current numbers under "Statistics".

3) Download ticket list
It doesn't matter whether you are performing the access control with scanners or traditional on the basis of a list: A printed ticket list of all orders is part of optimal preparation and serves as the first point of contact or source of information in the event of problems. This list contains all information such as number of tickets, payment status and validity. The list can be downloaded in the menu "Statistics" (wait until the end of the presale has been reached).

4) Update Scanner
Update the ticket list on the TICKETINO ScanApp (hand-held scanner, own mobile phone or tablet) according to the instructions.

5) Instruct the team at the entry
Inform the helpers on site about the status of the presale and the procedure of the access control. Determine how to proceed in the following cases:

-Ticket ordered but forgotten at home
-Invalid ticket (ticket already used or cancelled ticket)
-Order still unpaid
-Customer wants to buy tickets at the box office
TICKETINO automatically dunnes all customers electronically three times - even after the event. The reminder date can be seen by you as the organiser in the ticket list, for example. If the customer arrives with unpaid tickets, the following two options are available.

1) Customer-friendly solution
You inform the customer about the payment status and ask him to make up the payment after the event or to send TICKETINO the payment receipt (under certain circumstances the transfer could not be booked correctly).

2) Organizer-friendly solution
You insist on an additional payment on the spot and instruct the customer to contact TICKETINO if the payment has already been made but has not been booked. In this case, create a list of the payments received on site so that we can book the orders accordingly.
Yes, as an organizer you can collect unpaid amounts directly on site in cash.

Please inform us of such cases after the event so that we can book this accordingly and no longer dun customers.
This depends on the type of scanners you use for admission control. Here's a short description of how you can provide the various scanners for offline ticket control with the latest ticket data:

ScanApp (Android/iOS)
The ScanApp synchronizes the ticket data automatically as long as there is an Internet connection. This means that scanning can continue even if the connection is lost for a short time without having to explicitly download the ticket data.

-In the "Settings" menu, deactivate the "Offline mode" if it is active.
-Download the "Event Definitions" in the menu "Download/Upload"
-In the menu "Download/Upload" execute the "Download Tickets".
-Activate the "Offline mode" in the "Settings" menu.

-In the "Settings" menu -> "Mode" select the "Online" option.
-If necessary in the "Settings" menu -> Update the event and the desired ticket categories with the "Event" button (add with the "Add" button).
-Select the option "Download Tickets" in the "Settings" menu.
-In the "Settings" menu -> "Mode" select the option "Offline"

The browser scan can only be used with an existing Internet connection, which is why updating is not necessary.

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