FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Ticketino technology safe?
The ticket number illustrated on the ticket barcode is forgery-proof. Be certain that you do not leave your ticket lying around, so that it could be illegally copied. As long as that is not the case Ticketino tickets are the safest tickets in the world. For further information to our technology please click here: Technology

Is my credit card information safe?
The payment via credit card is transacted by Datatrans. This is a very safe and world wide common form of paying via internet. Please click here for further information regarding the safety of Datatrans.

Can I exchange or return my ticket?
Do to our section specification exchanges and returns are not accepted. General terms and conditions

What happens if an event is postponed or cancelled?
If the event is postponed the tickets are automatically valid for the next date. By cancellation the tickets can be returned to where they have been purchased from:

- Tickets purchased via internet or call center by credit card are automatically credited back to the card used for the purchase.
- Tickets purchased via ticket agencies can be brought back to where they have been purchased from. Normally these are paid out cash.

What happens if a ticket is lost or defected?
Every ticket can be printed again via internet. For this please logon on our homepage -> and click on the relevant order. After that click on "print tickets". Your personal data will not be handed out by us and will be kept confidential.

How does the control of the ticket at the entry function?
Your ticket will be scanned at the entry of the event. This is done by scanner, based on the same technology as a scanner at the counter of your supermarket. When your ticket has been scanned it will be debited and can not be used a second time.

What should I pay attention to when printing the ticket?
The most important thing is that the 2 barcodes can clearly be deciphered. If this does not work, we can also register and debit your ticket by entering the 12 digit number of your ticket.

Which credit cards are accepted by Ticketino?
Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard and American Express as well as Yellownet (Postfinance).
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