Mindshift Mastery Days: Zurich

Mindshift Mastery Days: Zurich

Everything you need to become everything you want! How to BE, DO or HAVE anything you want and achieve it in a record speed.

Saturday, 14. September 2024 - Sunday, 15. September 2024
2024-09-14 09:00:00 2024-09-15 20:00:00 Europe/Zurich Mindshift Mastery Days: Zurich Everything you need to become everything you want! How to BE, DO or HAVE anything you want and achieve it in a record speed. Trustsquare
Doors open 09:00
Begin 09:00
End Sun 15.09.2024, 20:00
Bellerivestrasse 201
8008 Zurich
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If you want some things in your life to change: you have to change things in your life! LETS START WITH THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE: THE MINDSET!

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LEARN HOW TO LIVE EFFORTLESSLY and in synchrone with life - WITHOUT pushing, forcing and struggling to overcome all the obstacles constantly coming your way. THERE IS A FAR MUCH BETTER WAY!

Exchange stress, overwhelm, boredom and living on autopilot with joy, meaning, fulfillment, fun, inspiration, aliveness and living live on your terms!

Change your Peer group - find your tribe to challenge you, support you, bring you forward and will make you feel YOU BELONG THERE!

I am Rumi: one of the first in the world and a Master Trainer of the world famous Mentor, Speaker and Author PETER SAGE.
His teachings have transformed millions of lifes!  Let me take you on a journey: the most rewarding journey of all: the one to your REAL YOU!


Bring a friend or a colleague and come together!

When you learn - learn WORLD CLASS! You have the UNIQUE CHANCE to transform your life by deeply understand WHY DO YOU DO WHAT YOU DO! It is a real superpower to spot your subconscious patterns and shift them!

The best concepts and teachings of the world famous mentor and author Peter Sage:  proven to work tools to move your live to the next level in all the main areas, that are most important to you!

- Learn to understand Human Behavior
- Understand what is Emotional Maturity and why it is NOT CONNECTED to biological maturity.
- Master all your Relationships to another level - with kids, patents, frineds or in Business
- Transform hard emotional events from the past
- Get financially creative and start to live in Wealth and Abundance
- Boost your Business to another level
- Enough being STUCK. It is time to LIVE your life fully!
- become AUTHENTIC - and life will transform for you in every area.
- Stop chasing success. Find the Meaning and Fulfillment in your life.

If you are a Business Owner or work in a corporation: Stop thinking B2C or B2B strategies. Think Business to Human (B2H)!
The greatest success we have is to have a POWERFUL PERSONALITY!  Everything else follows!

The all said above could be yours, if you take that challenge and let it become your biggest gift!

...If not now.... then WHEN?


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*** Lunch, coffee breaks, snacks and after party apero are included.

See you in the room!

*** For a Group or Corporate offer for your Team: do not hesitate to contact us: emfwithrumi@gmail.com and 0041 78 956 8339

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